In today’s world, attention spans are lowering, and consumers are spending less and less time viewing content. With all of our digital advancements, we as a society want information delivered quickly, straight to the point. Studies show that people skim articles and web pages for relevant information instead of reading top to bottom.

Due to this need for instant gratification videos have surged in popularity in the last few years. One study in particular estimates that videos will account for 69% of Internet traffic. This makes sense, considering that the average attention span in 2016 was found to be 8 seconds.

You may feel that consumers would have no interest in watching a video about your business – perhaps you offer a product or service that may not translate into an exciting clip, but you would be wrong. Making a short video on the history of your company or a short tutorial can increase brand awareness and keep potential customers on your website longer.

Some interesting facts about video marketing:

– YouTube has over 1 billion unique visitors every day

– 5 Billion videos are watched every day

– According to Online Publisher’s Association, 80% of people surveyed clearly recalled at least one video that they had      viewed in the last 30 days. Of that 80%, 46% took action after viewing.

– One third of all online activity is spent watching videos

– 50% of Internet users watch business related videos at least once a week

– 75% of Internet users visited a business’s website after viewing their video

– Real estate listings with videos received 403% more inquiries than those who don’t

Video marketing does more than raise awareness for your brand, it increases the trust that the public has in your product or service. This type of marketing varies your strategy, with fresh and new engaging content. Taking the extra time to make a short video shows consumers that you care, and that in turn results in customer loyalty.

Don’t stress about the technical aspect of editing and optimizing your video, we at AdMoreZing can handle that for you. If your company doesn’t have an existing YouTube channel, we will set it up and monitor it for you.