Small businesses have so much more to compete with in today’s market, mainly because consumers put a lot of stock in a company’s Search engines base results on your computers IP location, so whatever you are looking for will be tailored to the area you reside in. This can make it difficult for local small businesses to succeed if they don’t have proper local marketing in place.

– 92% of consumers have used the Internet to search for local businesses in the last year (Forbes)

– 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their mobile device ended up visiting the store after ( Google)

– 4 out of 5 consumers prefer ads tailored to their zip code

– 66% of consumers who searched for local information on a computer or tablet wound up visiting a store within five miles

When you search for your business name online, what appears? If you have a verified local Google business page, customer reviews appear under your listing. This is important for the simple fact that consumers have faith in reviews, so they are more likely to patronize a business that has a lot of good reviews.

Another important trend brought up in several studies is consumers searching on the go. People on the go tend to search for an address of a company before purchasing anything. With a verified Google local business page, consumers will be able to access the address of your business quickly.

Trusting AdMoreZing to set up your Verified Google local business page will result in visibility that you can’t get from any other form of marketing. If your business is verified properly, search engines will direct consumers to your page, and this in turn will attract the audience you want.