How can you drive new traffic to your business website?

The simple answer is to create a blog on your site and update it frequently. Creating a blog for your business shows that you are an expert in your industry and provides a break from website pages.

People don’t typically search for a specific company name unless they are already part of its customer base. A search is usually for broad terms like “New Jersey pizza” or “fireworks in Morristown”, and the highest ranked businesses appear on the first page of results. So how do you make those general search terms translate into traffic for your website? By creating and publishing custom original content that will show the general public that your business is at the forefront of your industry.

Most websites have a limited number of pages pertaining to the business or product being highlighted, and these pages are only updated every so often. How many times can you update your About Us or FAQs page? Having a blog on your website that delivers fresh content gives people reason to return regularly, or a reason to visit it for the first time.

Each time that you write a blog post you create a new page on your site to be indexed. Increasing the number of indexed pages on you r website directly correlates to more leads for your business. It has been found that companies with more pages being indexed by Google garnish far more business leads than those who do not. Google and other search engines will see that you have fresh, original content that should surface at the top of search results regularly.

Social Media and Blogging

 Each blog post generated creates a new opportunity for someone to share the page on social media outlets. Pinterest is an excellent source for sharing everything from pictures to articles, extending the reach to consumers further than you ever imagined. There are boards on Pinterest for everything that you could think of, and doing some research about what is frequently shared before writing a blog will result in more “pins” or “shares”. Staying abreast of social media trends will guarantee that you create content that consumers will want to see.

Some other benefits of blogging are:

Education– Before writing you must do research, even if it is about a topic that you have extensive knowledge of, to ensure that you are quoting accurate facts. This process provides an opportunity for learning new information.

Visibility– To increase your visibility in the digital world, it is imperative to stay current, and one way to do that is to have an updated blog.

Networking- Many times when you use someone else’s content as a basis for your blog, you can generate a networking opportunity by citing the source and sharing it.

Accessibility– A blog makes for a fun, personal look into your business. This makes consumers feel more connected to your brand, and this makes your company seem more accessible.

Content– Content is king. This has been said time and again, and it is true. The more content, the better for your business or brand.