Google Analytics, put quite simply, is a tool that shows who is visiting your website. This comprehensive review answers every question you may ever have about your website.

Who: Google Analytics shows the demographic information about the visitors on your site. This includes languages spoken, the device consumers are using, and how long they are on your site.

What: If you ever wondered if people are reading your blogs or downloading PDFs on your website, this is your chance to find out. Google Analytics shows you what content people are viewing the most on your website, allowing you to customize your promotions and campaigns for a higher success rate.

Where: you can find out if Internet users are typing your web address, or if they are sent to your website through a referral. A referral in this case is Facebook, YouTube, or any other form of social media. You can also find the highest source of traffic, so if people are coming to your site because of Yelp for instance, you can focus more energy on building up your Yelp page.

When: you can view the times users frequent your site most. Customized reports show the amount of visitors you have on any given day, which can be instrumental in how you operate. For instance, if you are planning maintenance on your site, you can do it during the time people are visiting the least, so that their user experience isn’t negatively impacted.

Why: Conversions are what turn site visitors into paying customers. This is usually the focus for small businesses, and Google Analytics spells out how effective your website is for that purpose.


Google Analytics allows you to create a customized report showing all of the above, including the preferred time zone and language spoken. These reports can save you so much time and money by painting a picture of what works and what doesn’t.


– Top five search terms: This is invaluable for content creation, because you can view the top five search terms that sent consumers to your landing page. For example, if a keyword that isn’t on your page is in the top five, you can create future content centered around that word.

– Bounce rate: This percentage of time Internet users spend on a landing page before leaving your site. If your bounce rate is exceptionally high, it is time to look at the functionality of your site.

– Mobile users: The most important functions of Google analytics is the availability of mobile user data. This is essential for keeping your mobile theme up to date. In addition, it can provide the knowledge necessary information you need to built a mobile website.

We at AdMoreZing have been working with Google analytics for over 5 years, so you don’t have to worry about understanding every aspect of a customized report; we will routinely check in with you. Every report will be customized to your specific business needs. With our combined expertise, you can rest assured knowing that you will get the most out of Google Analytics.